When two friends arrive at a remote cottage for a long weekend away, their plan is to relax, bond, and share the adventure with their followers online. What they don't expect is to find the owner of the cottage living right next to them, in a little bunkie -- but he seems nice (and is definitely cute) so they're not too worried. In fact, they find he's good MATERIAL for their snapchat stories too, and they film him even when he's not aware of it. What they don't realise, however, is that he's filming them right back. There are over 100 cameras in and around the cabin watching their every move. When they do finally discover what he's doing, they find themselves trapped. How can they formulate a plan to escape without making him realise that he's been found out?




(LATE-20's) THe more restrained friend, she’s having some problems in her relationship and she’s confused. She’s a bit more mature and together, MORE MATERNAL AND more cognizant of danger. Her social media approach is similar, she’s quite careful about what she posts, she’s very curatorial, she wants things to look quite pretty and polished, she wants to show the best version of herself and her life. She’ll share her life with the world but still feels like her privacy is totally preserved because she’s only showing exactly what she wants to show.



(MID-20's) slightly younger, more reckless, kind of silly character. She does things sometimes without too much thought about the potential consequences, but she’s good at making Laura loosen up. Her social media style follows suit - she’s more likely to share an unflattering angle of her face or her doing something kind of embarrassing - so her view of the trip is a bit more unfiltered and a bit more likely to show the truth.



(MID-30'S) Attractive but scruffy. quite built as he does a lot of manual labour around the property where his cabin stands. A BIT of A hippie. A Bearded Jake Gyllenhaal or Tom Hardy. Secretly a voyeur/PEEPING TOM, BUT POSITS A general distaste for social media and people who are obsessed with sharing everything ONLINE. FANCIES HIMSELF AN ARTIST - HIS HIDDEN CAMERA'S CAPTURE WHAT HE BELIEVES TO BE ART - NOT SURVEILLANCE.