intermix at summer in the city

A few weeks back was Summer in the City - London's own YouTube festival. Charlie and I brought back Intermix for it, but in a slightly different fashion. We sought out the best under-recognized filmic work on YouTube and were pretty floored by what we found - both through submissions and scouring the website on our own.

The full programme is listed below and you can watch the entire programme through the YouTube playlist above. Hopefully there's a bit of something in there for everybody. Give it a watch and find some new creators to broaden your YouTube subscription list.  

Once Upon a Time - Bethshake
Bruised - So Sonia
Blossom and Bloom (Music Video) - Jake Sidwell
Dysphoria - Ashleigh L
Complicated - too much
Hedgehog and I - Ray Roberts
Memoryhouse - Jamie Swarbrick
My Home. - justkissmyfrog
Foxberry - defense360
Constructing Space - AhsantetheArtist
Sins of a Father - Luke Sims
Thoughts - Joyful Sorrow - Kezia Rose Newson
Quitting Facebook - Claude Zeins
Marionnettiste - Tilly Robyn
Forget Me Not - Ayerlyn
Smoke That Travels - Kayla Briët
Spore - Mary Kate Wiles
Greg and the Bench - KhanStopMe
Eve - meowitslucy
downtown//shotgun - marionhoney
The Strangers - grimbleism
Under the Rain - ForeignThoughts
Anti Social, I Suppose - BothMeAndACamera
Credence - Mike Buonaiuto
Small Spaces - Jamie Miller
SitC vs Beethoven - Tomek

Thanks so much to everyone who allowed me to show their work this year at Summer in the City! 

Emily Diana RuthComment