september mixtape

You may have noticed that my mixtape's have been stacking up with not much stuff in between. Yikes. This whole keeping the content wheel spinning is hard. The truth is - I've been under the weather for so long that it's become the new normal, and I've been dealing with it for a long time. The last couple months however, it got to be too much to do much else but mope and try to tend to the basics in my life. Anyway - things are looking up for me, at least that's the hope.

This month will see me turn 26 - a number I've, yes, been dreading. And I'm hoping to be able to finally talk about some very exciting plans of mine that I've been keeping under wraps. Here's what I'll be bopping around to this month:

september mixtape.jpg


  • I'm lucky to know the lovely Orla Gartland in real life and have also seen her sing live - girl has pipes and is a skilled songwriter. You can buy her album here.
  • I can't listen to BSS without thinking about one of the last shows of theirs that I managed to see on Toronto Island. It was so beautiful and sunny and such a this-was-meant-to-be kind of day. The ferry took us away from a day of showers, I met a kind journalist who bought me a burrito and managed to find my friends against all odds. I got to see Emily Haines and I was so close to the front. Loved this day.
  • Sometimes I just really need a Weezer throwback, sorry if that's not your bag. Also maybe I still carry a torch for Rivers Cuomo.
  • How jazzed am I that Hailee Steinfeld wrote a masturbation anthem as her musical debut? Seriously I am all about girls being released from the demonisation of self-love. So gutsy, so amazing.
  • More Toronto-based memories courtesy of Born Ruffians.
  • Big thanks to Lucy and Dodie who introduced me to this number by Oh Wonder - you can see their cover here.
  • Sufjan Stevens is playing London this week and I'm not seeing him. Already so full of regret. *PRAYS FOR TIX*



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