august mixtape


  • Definitely check out the music video for Gabrielle Aplin's new single 'sweet nothing' esp if you like drums and light shows.
  • I love this song in the Virgin Suicides when all the girls partner up with their dates for awkward slow dances.
  • Since I was a kid I've always entertained a bit of day-dreaming while listening to music - where I imagine a world in which this song is my song and I'm performing it on stage. This is definitely one of those day-dreamy songs for me - I've already got my outfit planned and light show sorted - I'll just ignore the fact that I cannot sing whatsoever.
  • Watched 10 Things I Hate About You this weekend. This song still rules.
  • Although I've loved the song for years this recently came up on an Apple playlist titled something like 'bearded men' okay Apple.
  • Jack + Eliza are a new find - I like he sort of creepy choir sound of their voices melded together.
  • Can't figure out if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I can't listen to this song without thinking of Hugh Grant's face.
  • I found 'Do Your Best' in this moody weird film called Lying starring Chloë Sevigny which made little sense but I still wanted to move into it.
  • Bless Karen Carpenter.


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