june mixtape

A few years back it used to be a habit of mine to curate a monthly playlist. Every first of the month I would start a new one on iTunes and spend the month filling it with old favourites but mostly it was full of new music that I sought out for the sake of the playlist itself. It would essentially be all I would listen to that month, it was my soundtrack. The strangest thing was how closely those playlists got tied in my memory to different times in my life - I could listen to the playlist from 2 years ago and feel transported - remembering exactly how I was thinking and feeling at the time, knowing exactly what was happening in my life. I remember when I got a new laptop in my third or fourth year of university - and during my process of moving files from one computer to the other, I unintentionally lost all of my playlists. I still had all the music - but about 3 years of monthly playlists, in their perfect order melded with memories of my growing up were totally lost. I cried about it, quite dramatically if I recall correctly. It felt silly at the time, like I was being too emotional over something so trivial. Looking back though, I totally understand my feelings. It truly was like losing years worth of diaries. It was like I had managed to inscribe secret messages on the inside of my brain that only became legible when the right songs were played in the correct order. I wish I could say that I started right back with the playlists after this happen, but no. This episode made me give up. I felt I had such an impressive backlog before and to start over with one just felt like a joke. And I really think my love of music suffered because of this. 

I've made a playlist here and there since then, but I want to get back to where I was. So I'll make them monthly, and pop them up on my website to hopefully serve as a measure of accountability. I hope you enjoy them, and would seriously appreciate music suggestions in the comments. There is too much good music out there in the world to listen to the same Taylor Swift album over and over again (though you know I love you, T.Swift). 

So, here's June, 2015.


  • "Head Underwater" is just one of many great tunes from Jenny Lewis' new album The Voyager. "Just One of the Guys" and "She's Not Me" are also great and have weird ass music videos that you will eat up. Fred Armisen cameos, and it's delectably strange.
  • Never have been much of a Florence girl, but saw her perform on Graham Norton and swooned a bit. I love the line 'I can't help but pull the earth around me' - spoke directly to my hidden hippie-bone.
  • Okay some of you may hate the Carly Rae Jepsen song - but my first time hearing it was when I saw the music video which stars Tom Hanks (seriously I've mentioned him 3 times in the past 2 days, I have a problem) so I can't help but to tie the happiness levels of the video to the song. It just makes me smile like an idiot. 
  • Frankie Rose, Wet and Aimee Debeer all feature ethereal female voices that make me feel like I'm swimming in a giant pool of pink jello and it's fab.
  • Leon Bridges is new to me - when this came up I thought this song was way old. It's not, in fact he's a year my junior and is capturing a whole other decade with his music. 
  • Sufjan - there will be more on this album up on my journal soonsies because this album broke my heart and then sewed me back together. The first time I heard this song I literally hugged my boyfriend for too long a time while tears waterfalled out of my eyes. I had ear buds in and he had no idea what the hell was going on. I'm a softie.
  • The Like was one of the first girl bands I loved and discovered in 2005 (excuse me while I take a moment to acknowledge how much time has passed since then) it's a shame they kind of fell apart, totally re-branded and fell apart again, because I loved their Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking phase. It was magical.