july mixtape

July, 2015.


  • Years & Years are news to me - but I knew I recognised the lead as the kid from that episode of Skins and the new Belle & Sebastian musical film, God Help the Girl, and he's got a voice I didn't expect and the band has a sound from another decade all together.
  • Number One - the robotronic bridge in this one gives me all kinds of urges to dance. 
  • Jealous (I Ain't With It) by Chromeo - Chromeo is Canadian so I had never even heard this song until I went to Canada last summer (Canadian musicians get lots of radio play there due to Canadian content rules) so I was really weirded out when everyone was singing along to this song and I had never heard it. Another good groovy tune.
  • Different Colors - like a lot of these songs - perfect for summer, not sure if they will stick around in my life after the sun melts away. But songs like this just make me think of careless summer days and that's a thought I will gladly get lost in amid rainy, dreary, work filled days.
  • Jenny Lewis strikes again in the form of Rilo Kiley.
  • LA ROUX - Sexotheque -another groove-inducing number. La Roux is also Canadian, as am I - you know this because only Canadian's brag so hard about other people being Canadian. Apols.
  • Nothing is better to bounce around your flat in your PJ's too than Blister in the Sun. 
  • Love me some Childish Gambino. He's in the new Magic Mike film, may just warrant a watch...