this week, in my brain (june 15-21)

Paper Towns Q & A.

I was very stoked that I got to attend the Paper Towns Q&A on Friday in Leicester Square. It was really nice to see John again amidst the flurry of what he has created and also to hang out with some pals and take some ridiculous twitter mirror photos. We got to see a 20 minute excerpt of the film which honestly just transported me right back to high school. I think as a teen I played everything pretty safe and wish I took more chances and lived a bit more outside of my comfort zone - basically I was a Q but I should have been more of a Margot. You only get to do that teenager thing once (not that I advise anyone to be quite as reckless as Margot.) Dan and Phil hosted the Q&A which started with John and then (surprise) Nat showed up and then (double surprise) Cara came too! Dan and Phil were great hosts and made me chuckle quite a bit (also great guys in general). All in all it was a lovely night, 

 [Photo ruthlessly stolen from John's Instagram Account]

[Photo ruthlessly stolen from John's Instagram Account]

New Form Digital #Incubator2 Films Released.

This week the Incubator 2 films were released, along with my own short film, Cold. I found it quite funny releasing such a big project online. I've spent the last 8 months or so working on this thing so to click upload and just wait around for comments to come in was a bit anti-climactic to be honest! Where were the fireworks??? The champagne?? Anyway the response has been quite good so far, and I just want to thank anyone who took the time to watch the film (I realise it's a bit of a doozy) and also if you left a kind comment! 

Watching through the other Incubator films was so eye opening, everyone did something so different and there is just an incredible amount of variety from film to film. I can't possibly pick a favourite. If you have an hour or so to spare, definitely watch through them, some of the stories are absolutely begging to be continued so I'm excited to see what comes of them! There is something in there for everyone.

I've also include Hazel Hayes' Septem which wasn't part of the Incubator but is a very accomplished project which is definitely on the same level of the New Form Digital shorts and deserves a watch!!

Sadie's Journal Exhibition.

Ever since I've known about Sadie - she's been my constant reminder not to underestimate teenagers. I think Sadie started making videos around the same time I did and it's been beautiful to watch her grow up and into an incredible artist. I would recommend watching if you want a really nuanced nostalgia trip - she's very in tune with herself and what she's going through as a teenage girl and has managed all sorts of self-preservation through her YouTube channel which I wish I had for myself from that time in my life. She's also an avid journaler and in the video below she chats about an exhibition she put on recently which is a compilation of pages of journals from teenage girls from around the world. This shit is in a gallery! Sadie is so talented and kind, I'm sure she has great and creatively interesting life ahead of her. She's got that drive and passion I felt so much as a teenager, that desperation to get to where you felt you were meant to go, a feeling that I worry I've lost a bit. Watching Sadie grow and accomplish her goals always makes me remember how I used to be, and helps me re-examine my life from the perspective of that younger me.  If anything you should subscribe simply to be able to say 'I knew her when...'. 

Gia Margaret.

Finding musicians on sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud is my fave. There are so many people on there far more deserving of radio play than a lot of stuff I hear when I tune in (which is - basically never for this reason). Anyway on one of my recent trips down the Bandcamp rabbit hole I found this gem - Gia Margaret. She's from Chicago and has an EP on Bandcamp and lots of delicious covers on SoundCloud and her YouTube channel. If I could be a singer - I'd want a voice like hers. She's like a mix of Amelia Curran, Ingrid Michaelson, The Weepies and Jenny Lewis all wrapped up into one. She does a lot of covers of my favourite songs from long ago - and has totally brought new life to them. She sings with an emotional depth that makes you feel like you know the girl. I've been listening all week and now feel like she's an old pal of mine. Get to know her.

Looking forward to going home.

This week I managed to book my flight home to Canada before VidCon. I look so forward to these visits home - ones where I'm there on a strictly-visiting-basis and I allow myself to put all of my time and energy into spending time with loved ones because I can't do it most of the year. I'm already thinking about what I'm going to get at Tim Hortons when I cruise into arrivals. There is nothing like passing through the doorway that reads "Welcome to Canada". I'm enjoying living in London - but it's no secret I get homesick. I'm so grateful that I've been given so many opportunities to travel home for work or YouTube-ey things so far because living here would be much harder without such frequent visits. Now to work on my list of things to do (read: eat) while in my homeland...

Dodie & Charlie's Duet.

This past week Cereal Time welcomed their first guest - Dodie Clark. Dodie is a super talented musician and all around lovely human. While on set - she and Charlie recorded a duet together - one of Charlie's old songs from way back when I didn't know who the heck he was. Watching this duet made me so happy - it reminded me a lot of the joy YouTube brought me back when I first started watching it. The song is called "A Song about Acne" and while a bit gross at parts - generally offers some good advice that I feel like I could have used the last couple of years while dealing with my own not-so-great skin issues. 

That's all folks!!