the absolute pits

We're about to go from zero to TMI very very quickly. I have a bit of a deodorant problem. 

deoderand header.jpg

I'm not sure what exactly it is, but the majority of conventional drugstore deodorants have a bit of an adverse effect on my underarms. I'm talking, red, itchy, etc. All of that glorious stuff. (Hey, I warned you we were getting to TMI territory). Actually, scratch that. I'm not about apologising for my body. Hey people - I'm a human. I sweat, I have hair, and I'm prettttty sensitive. Let's move on.

So yes - deodorant. I've spent the last year or two trying to figure out a deodorant that doesn't make my pits feel like I've rubbed them with poison ivy, and today I'm going to show you my spoils. A couple things first - whatever that thing is in normal deodorant that causes the issue, it's probably the thing that makes the sweating actually stop. There are a couple of compromises you're likely going to need to make if you're going to go this route. You need to come to terms with 1) that these products will make you smell nice but probably won't be able to stop you from sweating (which I am OK with because sweating is healthy and being inhibited from that I imagine is not-so) and 2) you're going to have to spend a bit extra.  I don't like spending more than a few dollars on deodorant either, but whenever I've tried to switch back to drugstore brands I've always paid the price in serious discomfort. Okay, here's the goods:

1. The Healthy Deodorant  by Lavanila Laboratories


This is my OG of upscale deodorant, and it's probably still my favourite. It's 100% natural and includes no aluminum, parabens etc. It has a very strong vanilla scent that reminds me of summer, but it's a weird mix of hippie/grandma vibes to me, but that's totally up my street. This one isn't the most effective with sweat but the vanilla scent really kicks in when you need it the most, but can be quite strong. If the smell isn't for you upon first whiff I'd give this one a pass because you'll be wearing it like perfume. This is a solid deodorant and I find it quite moisturising. They also sell this in a travel size which I wouldn't actually recommend because I find it everyone that I've bought has eventually broken apart and become useless before actually running out. Unfortunately for now this is only available in the US and Canada which means I stock up whenever I visit! 


2. Deodorant - by Kai by Gayle Straza 


I picked this one up in Liberty which means you know that I paid an exorbitant amount for it. If I remember correctly I bought this at a particularly desperate moment when I had run out of my Lavanila and had briefly tried to go back on the cheap stuff and instantly regretted. This one smells gorgeous - kind of like walking through a field of wildflowers -  and feels proper luxe on the skin - I would recommend this one if you've recently had a reaction and are looking for something very soothing. This one is sulphate, paraben and aluminum free and includes vitamin E and oil of camomile if you're wondering what gives off those nourishing vibes. I don't find this one is particularly effective with sweat protection but the scent is quite covering without being too much. It's a solid stick which is the way forward people!


3. Equisetum by Korres 


I picked this deodorant up pretty recently when I was in Greece because my Lavanila deodorant wasn't quite doing it for me. I think sometimes your body just gets used to a product and you need to change it up. This one is a liquid with a rollerball and has a very delicate fragrance that I cannot put a finger on - but damn son I like it.  I find this one is actually quite effective so far with resisting sweat? I say this now but it has yet to go through the trials and tribulations of a sweaty summer so we'll see how that whole season goes. This one is aluminium salts free, paraben free, alcohol free and claims to be generally hypoallergenic. It also doesn't mark up your clothing, which is a definite upside considering the number of last-minute deodorant mark emergencies I've had in my lifetime. 

I feel pretty confident with my line up but I'm curious - anyone have any other good recommendations?