cold - my new short film

I am both extremely excited and gut wrenchingly nervous that today is the day my short film, Cold, comes out on YouTube.

The opportunity to make this film came to me through a bit of luck, a couple of real lean-in moments, and years worth of cultivating a small, but extraordinarily supportive online audience. When New Form Digital told me I was in, I was actually so surprised that I wasn't even sure that's what had just happened, and had to embarrassingly re-confirm over e-mail that I - in fact - was getting to make a film.

What we ended up making, happened only because of the right combination of superior collaborators, invaluably helpful friends, an actual lightbulb-idea-moment, and it being the right time and place mentally and financially for me to take a break from paid work to make this film. 

I'm very proud of what we've made. That's not to say it's not flawed, of course it is. But it's the most accomplished film I've made to date. And I learned so much making it. 

So please have a watch. It's a bit of a long one so maybe make yourself a cup of tea before tucking in. And if you enjoyed it, please share it. I feel like that directive is so over-used that it's lost meaning - but sharing is easily the most helpful thing that you can do to support someone's work online. It's definitely the best way you can help me. So yes, watch and share. I do hope that you like it - but it's okay if you don't. But I hope you do. I'm definitely just procrastinating now. Okay. HERE IT IS: