this week, in my brain (june 8-14)

Sun-soaking in Vic Park.

One of the most contagiously happy things you'll ever see in London is a Brit revelling in good weather. Fair enough - a solidly sunny day is hard to come by here and summer usually traipses in quite late. I live near Victoria Park and when one of these rare summery days shows up on a weekend - well Vic Park turns into quite a scene. Everyone comes out of the woodwork and shows up with a blanket, a ball to kick about and sometimes even a little pop up disposable barbecue and a feast to match. People lay around relishing in the warmth and the direct sunlight (such a luxury) and giggling and eating. It truly is infectious behaviour. In general I've been trying to treat myself to more park-time, as it can be a necessary escape from the city landscape. The flowers are out and despite my horrific hay fever (more on this later) it really is fab to get outside and soak it in. 

Vic Park.jpg

Ingrid Comes Out.

I think it's fair to say that a lot of us were surprised at Ingrid's heart-wrenching coming-out video when popped up in our subscription feeds and then subsequently trended on twitter. Ingrid breaks a lot of the stereotypes that we have come to expect from women who identify as anything other than heterosexual. She's extremely feminine, she's dated guys and she's a predominant figure in the beauty community on YouTube. Ingrid's coming out serves as an amazing reminder that these stereotypes are just that - yet another box that people are expected to fit into when they probably don't. Ingrid is someone I know of on an extremely superficial level - as a person I watch on YouTube, someone who likes make up, and has been really successful at turning that into her job. But watching this video endeared me so much to her as a person. I'm so extremely happy for her, and happy that she's now able to live a life that feels true to her. I'm also so very sad that we live in a world where she felt like she couldn't do that for the past 26 years. I highly recommend giving the video a watch and leaving a positive comment - even if just to help outweigh some of the ignorant drivel currently taking up real-estate in the comments section. Also this girl just took a big step and deserves a hell of a lot of love and support. To be honest I kind of want to buy her a pony.


A teensy Aesop haul.

Lately my skin has been a thirsty son of a gun. I had a little peruse around an Aesop counter at Selfridges and the woman who helped me and I got to chatting (any other expats spring into full-on best friend mode when they meet someone with a vaguely similar accent?). She set me up with a slew of samples as well as the Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream. This stuff is packed with some seriously interesting ingredients including oil from the seed of this flower which I'm hoping will transform my face into something of similar beauty.  It's a bit of a splurge item for sure, but if you're a dry-and-sensitive-skinned creature and like your beauty products cruelty free than this could be your new face-cream soul-mate?

aesop haul.jpg

Hay Fever is slowly killing me. 

Notice how I don't talk about this list in the context of 'favourites'. If I did this would surely be listed as un-favourite. Bolded, underlined, all caps, etc. Am I the only one just drowning in my own snot? Okay sorry for the visual but either I'm still not used to London's pollen or this is just always going to be a particularly horrific time of year for me to breathe. Literally none of my regular antihistamines are working - I even stooped and took a Benadryl the other day which just made me so dopey that I had a 4 hour midday nap and a weird hangover the rest of the day. Oh and it did nothing for my symptoms. So if I had to pick a favourite - it would be this very lavish Kleenex that I begged Charlie to buy. I was rubbing my nose raw with all of my sneezing etc and this lotion-infused tissue has slightly softened the blow of my out of control hay fever.

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.

I had the chance to see a preview of this film last week and wow - did I ever make a mistake by not bringing a box (or three) of tissues. It had so much to love about it - the characters were interesting - they told a story in a very different way, and it totally managed to pull me through a range of different emotions. I can imagine there may be the odd The Fault in Our Stars comparison but other than featuring a girl with cancer (which just happens to be far more of a rarity in films than in real life) there is really no grounds for stacking these next to each other - they are very different films. I'm a filmmaker, yes, but I am not a film critic. I'm not really interested in picking this apart and telling you why you should or shouldn't see it. But this film, really, seriously moved me. I can't tell you exactly why, or if you'll have the same experience. But if you have the opportunity, I think you should take it. 

Me on Filler Podcast.


Last Sunday Filler Podcast released an episode featuring, well I'm sure as the picture implies - me! Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore set up Filler Podcast, and so far they have five episodes for your listening pleasure. They record it with a new creative every week at a coffee shop near Trafalgar square and the whole thing has a very relaxed chatting-to-your-friends-over-tea vibe. Despite being pretty nervous it was still a really good experience. I got to talk about my new film (which is *COUGH* being released on Tuesday), about other collaborative projects I've done on YouTube like Letters to July, as well as a dash of feminism thrown in there. I always have a bit of a panic when people ask me to talk about feminism, because although I do identify as a feminist, I'm not perfect, I'm still learning, and I'm probably not the feminist role model you should be looking for. Also when you add the nerves of being recorded into the mix there's an even higher chance of saying the wrong thing! Anyway, if you fancy it, you can listen to my episode here! But go easy on me, eh?

Green & Blacks Organic Mint Crisp Thin Milk Chocolate.

I'm not afraid to admit I have a bit of a restraint problem when it comes to candy - I'm talking the gummy stuff - Sour Patch Kids, Zours, Swedish Berries, etc. Unfortunately for my sweet tooth none of these candies are really available in this country in the incarnations that I've grown to expect. To be honest I find most candy here totally misses the mark for me. Anyway - one place where England is truly winning is chocolate. I'm a bit more of a savourer when it comes to chocolate so this is a bit better on my teeth in the end anyway. I discovered this little gem of a chocolate bar this week and am pretty sure it's a new favourite. I love me some mint chocolate.

The Trailer for COLD is released.

These little posts take a little turn for the self-promotional toward the end, don't they? Well unfortunately self-promotion is kind of the name of the game on the internet. I made a film with New Form Digital, and it's a HUGE deal for me. It's a very big step for me in my filmmaking career - it's the first time I've been given money to make a film and the company I'm working with is backed by Ron-friggen-Howard! This is a big deal people! It has been a massive job getting this film to the point where you can finally watch it, and that day is Tuesday, June 16th (that's in like 2 days! Ahhh!). All of the Incubator 2 projects will come out at 9:00am PST and then I will proceed to hide away for about a week trying to think about something else. It would mean the absolute world to me if you could watch it when it premieres and give it a like or a comment or even share it on social media. You can watch a trailer below to get a little taste for what's in store. Thank you!!


That's all for now!!