what you should be for halloween

I'm a purist when it comes to Halloween costumes. Costumes don't come in a plastic bag, they come from your closet, the thrift store and anywhere you can source an obscure-costume-clinching-prop. I remember once needing a syringe for my Pulp Fiction costume and having to persuade a pharmacist from Boots to give me a free one from behind the counter because they weren't selling any on the floor. I'm just REALLY INTO HALLOWEEN I said. Later that night I super-glued the thing to my chest - because apparently these are the sacrifices I make for the 31st. Sidenote - do not ever super-glue anything to your skin. 

I always love choosing who I will be for Halloween, although not all costumes work in all circumstances, and I believe this year I'll be handing out candy at my Mum's house meaning many of those costumes won't fly and I'll likely end up being something boring and obvious like "Witch". But I've got ideas and you're welcome to steal from the list below. But if you do - photos are necessary! I want to see these plans in action. 


Carrie of Stephen King's Carrie - I'm currently listening to the audiobook which is narrated by actual Sissy Spacek and it's so wonderful. It's up to you if you want to go full-post-blood-drop-carrie. But I would recommend it.


GOOD FOR: If you never got to live out your prom queen dreams or you're a fan of Mr. King.
YOU'LL NEED: A silky or crushed velvet pale pink floor length gown, a princess crown and a pink sash. Also some seething teen angst to tap into.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Take a shower in some fake blood. And commit to standing for the entire evening. The flower bouquet would be great too.


I'm thinking this one may go over some heads - but Julia Child was a famous TV chef in my day. She had such an interesting life and she was just a very joyful person who LOVED FOOD which is a sentiment I think a lot of us can relate to.

GOOD FOR: If you have friends over 25. If you LOVE Meryl Streep and everything she touches.
YOU'LL NEED: A shirt dress or collared shirt/skirt combo, an apron, pearls and some kitchen utensils like a rolling pin. Her cook-book in hand would be a nice addition too.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Fit yourself with a curly wig and design your own L'école Des Trois Gourmandes patch for your shirt.


The X-Files was a show I simultaneously loved and hated as a child - it appealed to my interest in mysteries but I just could not handle shows that creepy when I was young (still struggle through most scary shows and don't even go near horror films to be honest). I still remember a particular episode that riddled my nightmares for actual years. It involved some kind of alien violently emerging out of someone's neck. Cannot un-see.

GOOD FOR: Again, if you have friends over 25? Especially if you're going with someone you can rope in as your Mulder.
YOU'LL NEED: A white collared shirt, a dark blazer, dark pencil skirt or trousers, smart black shoes, and an FBI badge pin.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: A red-ish bob wig will cinch the look together OR if you're really into it you can buy some temporary hair dye!


I've dressed up, not once, not twice, but THREE times as Mia Wallace. Let's just say my pocketbook got tight and the wig had a few more uses in. Plus I just love being Mrs. Mia Wallace.

mia wallace.jpg

GOOD FOR: If you're headed somewhere with a dance floor and you're down to recreate this dance routine.
YOU'LL NEED: A white collared shirt, preferably long, black ankle length trousers, gold slipper flats, black pageboy wig. 
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Go full post-overdose and complete the look with running make up - a bloody nose and a hypodermic needle protruding from your chest. PS: DO NOT SUPERGLUE.



Mostly my Halloween costume ideas consist of characters I've seen in films and television - but somehow someone as fabulous as Beyonce exists in the real world. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 16.18.37.png

GOOD FOR: If you live in a warm climate and you want to show off your gams. Obviously must love Beyonce.
YOU'LL NEED: A black bodysuit, nylons and black heels. Also a lot of hair, wig or otherwise.


God this film is so important. Blonde bimbo character subverts your expectations and winds up being the smartest woman in the room? Ditches her romantic woes and fixes her focus on herself, her education and her friends? Yes. More of this please.

GOOD FOR: If you already own a lot of pink.
YOU'LL NEED: Hot pink everything - dress, blazer, sunglasses, heels and handbag. Good props include a pink fuzzy pencil, a pink mortar board and a book on law.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Splash out on a blonde wig if you're not already a blondie. Also a pet chiuhuahua wouldn't hurt.


Quentin Tarantino has a special gift for creating bad ass female characters perfect for embodying on Halloween. Gogo Yubari is no different.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 17.58.54.png

GOOD FOR: If you're a Tarantino fan and you've got an old school uniform ready to be dug out.
YOU'LL NEED: A plaid skirt, white collared shirt, navy school blazer, white bowtie, white knee socks and white tennis shoes.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: A black, fringed wig will really help sell this look, as will her weapon. But be aware that some places may not let you in if you appear to be wielding a meteor hammer!


Margot Tenenbaum is possibly the most un-goopy goop character there ever was - perhaps this is why I like her so much. Wondering if she's your kindred spirit? Yes, Buzzfeed has that quiz.

GOOD FOR: Wes Anderson fans, broody types and people with an old fur coat laying around.
YOU'LL NEED: A polo dress, fur coat (probs don't buy one new people, faux is best), pink gloves and dark loafers. Straight hair with barrettes and pounds of eyeliner.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Cut off your finger (kidding!) but fashion something on your finger to make it seem like you've got one missing, like Margot.



My pal Alexis and I did one halloween as Thelma and Louise and it really is the ultimate best friend costume you could go for. And it's a great memory to share together - and one slightly less permanent than committing dual suicide by driving off a cliff. 

GOOD FOR: If you love the film like me and you're hitting halloween with your best friend.
YOU'LL NEED: Old style jeans (read: mom jeans), white tank or a black biker tee, cowboy boots, sunglasses, a cowboy hat and a scarf wrapped around your neck. 
GO THE EXTRA MILE: This will really sell if the look is a bit "lived in". Could do with some fake-tan, greasy hair and dirty clothes. Roll around in the dirt, etc.



This Twin Peaks gem only passed away so recently - I just found out that she was more than just the actress - her and Lynch actually thought up the character together when she was working as an AD on Eraserhead. She also worked as a camera-assistant on other films. She's the shining star of Twin Peaks, as far as I'm concerned.

GOOD FOR: If you like being cozy, and you're looking to seek out the one person at the party who will know who you're dressed up as.
YOU'LL NEED:  A very ugly brown jumper, flannel shirt and a turtleneck underneath. Red glasses and of course, a LOG. (Not THE log though, it's rumoured to be worth about 275K)
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Memorise some of the Log Lady's interesting quips!



This costume is a bit stale but god it's fun to be Holly Golightly for one evening. Been there, done that.

GOOD FOR: If you like using Halloween to get glammed up, if you love Audrey Hepburn.
YOU'LL NEED: A black shift dress, black shoes, gloves and sunglasses. Pearl necklace and earrings. A handsome up-do with a tiny tiara. 
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Start your night at a coffee shop to pick up your croissant and coffee. They double as props AND snacks.



I love the idea of Frida Kahlo being sort of the originator of the selfie. Frida's greatest muse was herself and I love that she didn't shy away from that. From someone who struggles to take and post a photo of myself to social media - I love that Frida's self-love was so strong she committed it to canvas over and over again, unibrow and all.


GOOD FOR: You're an art buff or you want to pay tribute to the selfie queen herself.
YOU'LL NEED: A colourful and patterned dress, a shawl, big jewellery, hair up and covered in flowers. You'll need the unibrow as well, that sells the whole thing, so an eyebrow pencil should do the trick.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Carry around an empty picture frame to complete the self-portrait nature of the costume.

Okay - hoping some of those sparked some Halloween inspiration for you - and please enjoy my favourite night of the year. <3


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