november mixtape

Okay things are (I think) about to get a whole lot less fancy around here. If you haven't heard, I'm making a digital series out of COLD, and I'm really fucking serious about it. So don't be sad if I'm not posting as often, I'm sure the three people who read this blog (including my mum) will be able to cope. ANYWAY I'm kind of in the pre-Marissa-breakdown part of the production, so I'm just trying to make the most out of this happy time before it's February and I'm caught in a blizzard in northern canada trying to shoot a series. I wrote my own way into these painful shooting conditions, so I can really only blame myself.


november mix.jpg



  • Still rolling along the love train for Mistress America and all it encompasses. I've been bopping along to the soundtrack and this particular song makes me feel like I'm stuck in some fabulously crepe-paper-ey 80's prom.
  • Rah Rah seem to be on the up and up - their new album Vessels is great and I think they were even playing a concert with Neil Young recently? Massive deal.
  • It's been a long time since it's release but I feel like I'm only just getting into Stars' No One is Lost. I've seen them live so many times, most recently with Rosi who took me to their show in London at Scala! Bless her.
  • Man I feel weird about being really into Justin Bieber's new music. Just feels fundamentally wrong - but here we are.
  • Probably listened to Adele's new song about 8000 times the week it came out. Charlie almost killed me. Xaviar Dolan's vid is a beaut as well.
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