Letters to July

A year ago, on the very last day of June 2013, on a complete whim I decided to start a project. I wanted to make a video every day for the month of July.

I've always struggled to find a way to share myself with the internet in a way that felt like it suited me. There is lots of precedent online for every-day-of-the-month projects like VEDA and Vlogmas etc but they all involved the one thing I really dislike doing, staring into the eyes of a camera and talking to it. I'm just not sure that's something I'll ever really want to do. I chose filmmaking for a reason. I don't want to tell stories with just words, I want to show you stories with pictures. 

So I decided to write a letter to the month of July, one for every day of the month. Telling July about my wildest hopes and fears, and recording the days as I saw them. I wanted to keep it simple, raw and genuine. I didn't want to give myself the time to make it perfect, I just wanted to make it real.

It had been a big few months for me, having moved to a new country and July turned out to be huge. I wound up working on a big project which made it impossible for me to do all the days myself, and so I turned to the community of people watching and asked for help. The response was instant, and all of a sudden I had a lineup of creators I respected making videos to fill in for me. And that is where the true magic of Letters to July was born. 

Letters to July 2013 wound up being such a beautiful experience for me that I had to do it again this year, knowing full well that a major theme would be transition as I was going back to England after spending 2 months at home in Canada. I collected another incredibly talented group of storytellers to share their lives for the second half of the month, and as the year before, the guest videos were my favourite part of July.

Something I wasn't expecting, was all of the other creators who decided to join in as well, making their own Letters on their own channels. I set up a tumblr www.iwrotealettertojuly.tumblr.com to try to share as many of these videos as possible. Here are some of my absolute favourites from the bunch:

So if you have the time, see some of July through someone else's eyes.  Taking a small peek into the lives of others, presented in bite-sized honesty, has given me so much insight since I started the project. 



Emily Diana RuthComment