november mixtape

Okay things are (I think) about to get a whole lot less fancy around here. If you haven't heard, I'm making a digital series out of COLD, and I'm really fucking serious about it. So don't be sad if I'm not posting as often, I'm sure the three people who read this blog (including my mum) will be able to cope. ANYWAY I'm kind of in the pre-Marissa-breakdown part of the production, so I'm just trying to make the most out of this happy time before it's February and I'm caught in a blizzard in northern canada trying to shoot a series. I wrote my own way into these painful shooting conditions, so I can really only blame myself.


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  • Still rolling along the love train for Mistress America and all it encompasses. I've been bopping along to the soundtrack and this particular song makes me feel like I'm stuck in some fabulously crepe-paper-ey 80's prom.
  • Rah Rah seem to be on the up and up - their new album Vessels is great and I think they were even playing a concert with Neil Young recently? Massive deal.
  • It's been a long time since it's release but I feel like I'm only just getting into Stars' No One is Lost. I've seen them live so many times, most recently with Rosi who took me to their show in London at Scala! Bless her.
  • Man I feel weird about being really into Justin Bieber's new music. Just feels fundamentally wrong - but here we are.
  • Probably listened to Adele's new song about 8000 times the week it came out. Charlie almost killed me. Xaviar Dolan's vid is a beaut as well.
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october digest

Julia Nunes has "Some Feelings".

I think I joined YouTube after Julia Nunes ukulele fever and came to know her mostly as someone who played every year at VidCon and always gave me shivers when she sang. She recently debuted her first studio album, Some Feelings, and good lord it is a thing of beauty. First - I just love that she called it 'Some Feelings' - feelings are my fave. Do yourself a favour and listen below, and you can buy her album here.

Buffer Festival.

Buffer Festival is the one time of year for me where my real life and my internet life fully collides and lives happily hand in hand. Buffer is in Toronto, Ontario where I went to university and made some of my very best friends. This year I was a part of three screenings, Women of YouTube, Canadians and Short Films. The Short Films screening was something really special this year, I felt really excited to be a part of a group of people climbing the ladder in the film industry in a very different way, and I was excited to finally be able to see my film, Cold, on the big screen for the first time, accompanied by some of the pals who helped me make it! Got to meet so many lovely people this year, and got to re-meet Nicholas, Buffer Festival staff extraordinaire, who I love and had such a great time being around, which is evidenced by our photo booth pictures alone. Thanks for a fantastic time, Buffer Festival.

buffer festival bits.jpg

Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum.

On Charlie's birthday, he was invited to privately tour the new Cosmonauts exhibit at the Science Museum and me and a few friends got to tag along. Admittedly I don't know a massive amount about space exploration but it was still so incredibly interesting for me. A woman who had worked on the exhibit for the past 2 years showed us around and had many an interesting inside story about the practicalities of moving some of the larger pieces all the way from Russia. I couldn't believe how some of the spacecrafts looked so much like something you would see in an episode of the old-school Star Trek, but stuff like that actually went up into space!! Crazy. Loved this quote projected on the wall of the final room. 


MV Organic.

It's no secret I've been struggling with my skin the past couple of years. Unfortunately for me, bad skin + access to the internet = buying lots and lots of products I desperately hoped would help me. And I bought a lot of stuff that never really did. Recently though, I bought a couple of things from the skincare line, MV Organic. Damn, that stuff is expensive. I bought the Gentle Cream Cleanser and the Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser. Half of me was hoping I would hate it, and half of me was hoping the results were as big as the price-tag. Well, I've been using it for about 2 months and this shit has changed my face. My skin feels uber soft, comfortably moisturised, incredibly clear and my scars seem to be fading super quickly. As much as I'm sad to know how much money I'll have to funnel into this brand, it's nice to know I have a couple of products now that I totally love, that my skin totally digs as well. And it's just 2 things, no more 6-step skincare regime for me, nobody got time for that anyway. So, if you've got dry, sensitive skin but still deal with pesky spots now and again - this may be the (very pricey, holy lord) ticket you've been looking for.

Listening to records.

Back in Canada I own a record player and a handful of vinyls. The record player itself is kind of broken - it spins slightly too quickly which results in a faster and higher pitched listening experience - it does not do wonders for my Coldplay album. I've been wanting to get one in the UK since I bought Sufjan Stevens newest album on vinyl, which was just an album that ended up being so special to me that I had to buy it on vinyl just in case I ever ended up with a record player. I obviously talked enough about my record player wishes that Charlie picked it up as a hint for what to get me for my 26th birthday... whoops! Anyway since that magical day we've been listening to my now 6-record full UK collection. I've got Carrie & Lowell from Sufjan Stevens, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Teaser & The Firecat from Cat Stevens, A Crosby Stills Nash & Young Album, Joni Mitchell's Blue and... Thriller. Found it for 5 quid at a car boot sale and just thought WHY NOT?

Mistress America.

Dear god I loved this film. Saw this at the very beginning of the month and haven't stopped thinking about it. It's a bit of a screwball comedy and I happen to think the earth of Greta Gerwig so 90 minutes of her being a genius and a doofus simultaneously was a dream come true. It was so great to see a film about female friendship, and a friendship between two pretty realistic looking girls. With average body types and real faces. Although it was directed by Noah Bumbach - it was a co-write between him and Gerwig and her  finger-prints were all over it. It's the kind of film I'd just like to live in for a while. Soundtrack rules too!!



One of the things I miss most about my life in Canada is the chance to experience REAL AND OBVIOUS SEASONS! When you live in one place for a long time - you get so used to what every month feels like - the way the sun filters a certain way through trees as the leaves start to fall, the exact way the scent in the air changes precisely when back to school hits. The way the night sky is lit up when it's a winter night and the white blanket of snow reflects the moonlight all around. Getting very romantic here about seasons.  Anyway, I've been bouncing between London, LA and Toronto this month, and I just have to say, Toronto is doing fall the best. *crunches on leaves* *sips apple cider* 

If like me, you were salivating over every new episode of Serial - you should really do yourself a favour and give Undisclosed a listen if you haven't done so already. Undisclosed is created by Rabia Chaudry - yes - THE Rabia who knew Adnan Syed and originally brought the idea to investigate the case further to Sarah Koenig. It doesn't have the same production value as Serial and is less about creating a riveting narrative and more about the facts - and dang - there's a lot of new facts here that really cast a shadow of doubt over the case of the State vs. Adnan Syed. A case which has recently been re-opened due to new evidence...

That's been my brain, this october.

Take care of yourselves, pals.




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